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BCAA in bodybuilding

Дата: 13 мая 2020

Probably every athlete wants to build quality muscle mass. To achieve deca durabolin farmacia italiana this, it is necessary to supply the body with the necessary biological additives.

The BCAA complex, this supplement, incorporates three amino acids, which are the basis of protein (protein).

Such a triple combination of amino acids complement each other and act on the human body as a material for the construction of muscle tissues.

What is bsaa?

One of the main amino acids for a set of muscle mass are three essential amino acids.

Valin. Helps to improve nitrogen balance, and also accelerates muscle gain.

Leucine. Lowers blood sugar. Increases the activity of growth hormone.

Isoleucine. Responsible for the restoration of muscle tissue. It is an essential amino acid to stabilize the blood level in the body, and increases the stamina of an athlete during training.

They are part of the drug called BCAA. It contributes to the rapid recovery of all muscles that were damaged during training. It also acts as a stimulant for the production of hormonal growth and energy balance in the body.

How to take VSAA

On the days of classes, a more suitable time for using the drug is in the morning, during the training and after its completion.

To prepare this cocktail is best with the addition of two tablespoons of sugar. This is necessary for a constant flow of fluid, amino acids, and carbohydrates into the blood during exercise.

The optimal dose of BCAA for athletes is 33 mg of leucine per kg. body weight.

Thus, to increase muscle mass, you need to drink up to 8 grams at a time.

What is the form of release of VSAA

Capsules Convenient to take anywhere, the main thing is to have a glass of drinking water at hand.

Tablets. The advantage is the same as in the capsules. A slight drawback is the long digestibility in the body.

Powder. Economical form of release.

The disadvantages include the specific taste of the drug.

Now let’s talk about the role of BCAA in bodybuilding:

Protects muscle tissue from destruction.

Promotes recruitment of lean muscle.

It reduces the level of body fat in the body.

Strength indicators are increasing.

BCAA with other drugs

This drug can be used with other types of sports nutrition without harm to health.

To increase muscle gain, the best option would be to combine BCAA with proteins or a gainer.

Side effects of BCAA

All the main sources of this product are completely natural. But you should take into account the correct dosage of the drug. Excess can cause allergic reactions, as well as indigestion.

With proper administration of the drug, no side effects were found in BCAA.

How to check the quality of BCAA

When the powder dissolves, a film should form on the water.

Taste qualities of VSAA, bitter taste.

Shelf life of the drug.

Packaging must be in accordance with factory standards.

However, it should be borne in mind that BCAA is not a 100 percent path to rapid muscle growth. It should be understood that this whole chain also depends on other factors. Train, eat well and eat properly, adhere to a rest and sleep regimen, then this entire complex will help you reach your intended goal.

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